Wednesday, December 12, 2007

This truly is the season of giving.

I really try to see the beauty and the amazing in my daily life.

But. The truth is . . . I find the funny instead. Which can be really beautiful too, you know.

So, anyway. Tonight, I really gave it up good. I did the absolute amazing.

And, I'm not talking about the lovin' either. Although that would be amazing too.

Let me say, that as usual, my giving stemmed from guilt.

I sent my husband off to the doctor with my little girl who I had already diagnosed as having an ear infection. Poor girl.

I was stuck with the boy child crying out his father's name, "Eliot! Eliot! Eliot! Ellliiiooot!" [Literally. He was calling out his father's name.] He was wailing outside. As I smuggled him back into the house. And, for another fifteen minutes while in the house.

I was so sweet. I finally got my boy to warm back up to me.

So, as my boy settled to watch his video a couple of times, I did the amazing!

I prepared dinner. While cleaning the kitchen. Which entailed doing the dishes.

I couldn't believe it.

So, of course, when my husband came home with Faith, I did my "Vanna White" walk through the kitchen showing off my accomplishments.

He says, "Uh-oh. Do I need to take you to the doctor too?" [as he blinks in unbelief]

Yes, Baby, I know. I'm scared too.

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