Friday, December 07, 2007

Sometimes Overwhelmed

I get overwhelmed very easily. If one kid asks for a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and the other is singing a song rather loudly, I feel overwhelmed. I might yell for quiet or yell for my husband to help me. Or both.

Lately, I have felt a bit hunted like prey. If the phone rings too much. And, God forbid the call is for me.

There are things that I want to concentrate on but those things get mostly scooted over to the side. Then, I guilt over it a bit . . . which also can overwhelm me.

After work, I finally got to the store to buy something that has been riding over my head a bit. When I complete that task, I will have accomplished a little something.

When I got home, I got out of going to a little party-get-together. I just didn't want to venture out again.

Then, the phone rings. My husband answers it. After speaking with my neighbor/sitter for a minute, he is trying to hand the phone to me. You've got to be kidding?

Anyway, the sweetheart that my neighbor/sitter can be invites me over to hang with her and her long-time friends.

I say "no thank you" in my head.

But, I actually say "Uh. Thank you. That is so sweet of you. Uh. OK. I'll come over after I help put the kids to bed."

Then, I temporarily hid under the covers.

I think my husband said something about how nice it was to have our neighbor/sitter check on us . . . like a mother-type.

I'm still hiding under the covers.

So, I go and spend an evening with Louise and her long-time friends. These ladies are twenty-five to thirty years older than me. They were all very sweet. I definitely got the feeling of "you-can-learn-alot-from-us-dearie".

These women were dealing with jobs, sick husbands, sick fathers, sick sisters, divorced children, grandchildren that they were separated from, and grandchildren that they were always happy to see when they get the chance.

You can believe that these women had been friends for years. They even raised their voices as if they were mad for a minute. But, then, it would all subside . . . as if nothing had happened. They spoke about things that had happened years and years ago. And, they laughed about their trip to Paris eight years ago. They had a history.

I know that I did a good thing saying yes to Louise. You can tell that she really loves having her friends over.

And, she makes these amazing rosettes. She prides herself in these rosettes. Every year, she makes them. I can't find any pics right now online. I will have to see if she has anymore.

Not only are her rosettes delicious . . . they are a work of art.

So, I end the evening thankful for friendships and the histories that friendships make.

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The Mad Hoosier said...

I always love coming to your's a great change of pace from the things that I worry about.