Monday, December 24, 2007

A Solution

The husband just walks in . . . I say to him, "I just got back home, not too long ago. And, I just didn't know what to cook."

Shaking his head in sadness, he says "That is so sad."

"But, I cooked yesterday. And, I thought that we could sit down together and eat bologna cheese sandwiches. Then, at least, Elijah would eat dinner."

Walking away, still shaking his head in sadness, he says "That is so sad."

I don't understand.

What is so sad about it . . . because dinner is bologna and cheese . . . or, because it's Christmas eve?

I'm considering baking some cookies later . . . doesn't that count for anything? heehee [I wish that I had the energy to go into my day--I took the kids with me to work. Something about Santa showing up. My kids did great. I'm just worn OUT!]

Udated to say: Merry Christmas!

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