Sunday, December 30, 2007

Fridays On Sunday


Faith and I got some time in together today. We went to the mecca of White Barn Candle Co. with a friend who loves White Barn as much as me. (It's worth the 30 miles or so.) And, then, we got some lunch at TGIFridays. Good Times.

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Great Joy . . .


Brought tears to my eyes . . . I love mail.

Here are some prints that I bought here. Check her site out . . . my pics don't do the prints justice.

And, a card from Grandma, who has been on the mend. And, she said she loved me. I love that!

Happy New Year.

Here is the business card from the Featured Artist.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Great News!!

We've just had an unexpected addition to our family. . .
We can't believe it either!
My dear husband has been grinning ear-to-ear over it.
He's really sweet--my husband.
You should see how he is caring for our new BIG baby.

I haven't seen my husband smile so much! Nor, cry so much with joy. :) What is it about men and big televisions?!? I think he mentioned something about wanting to be able to actually catch the baseball when the Yankees hit it out of the park. That's not possible, right? Can someone pass this information to him for me? Thanks.

Now, I'm off to work another shift somewhere!

Because I can tell that this baby is going to definitely send us to the Poorhouse.

Monday, December 24, 2007

A Solution

The husband just walks in . . . I say to him, "I just got back home, not too long ago. And, I just didn't know what to cook."

Shaking his head in sadness, he says "That is so sad."

"But, I cooked yesterday. And, I thought that we could sit down together and eat bologna cheese sandwiches. Then, at least, Elijah would eat dinner."

Walking away, still shaking his head in sadness, he says "That is so sad."

I don't understand.

What is so sad about it . . . because dinner is bologna and cheese . . . or, because it's Christmas eve?

I'm considering baking some cookies later . . . doesn't that count for anything? heehee [I wish that I had the energy to go into my day--I took the kids with me to work. Something about Santa showing up. My kids did great. I'm just worn OUT!]

Udated to say: Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

A Very Difficult Thing To Do . . .

We here try to do a good job with our kids. We aim for a little better than mediocre. But, it probably ends up being pretty mediocre. The point is . . . we try.

So, the other day, when the kind doctor was looking over Elijah's blood results, he says that Elijah's iron count is low.

Doc: What does he eat?

[I look over at my husband]

Me: Well.

[Waiting for some sign of help from husband . . . there is none. I'm on my own, I think.]

Me: Well. He's a tough kid. Breakfast consists of either a waffle with peanut butter or a pancake with syrup. For lunches, he pretty much eats chicken nuggets and french fries. But, not from McDonald's. We buy the good brand of chicken nuggets. He'll eat bananas and some fruits. And, then, for dinner, he only ever wants peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Lately, he has been into bologna and cheese sandwiches. He likes bread. And, he won't take vitamins.

Doc: What about vegetables?

Me: Well. Like I said. He's a really tough kid. But, sometimes, we are able to hide vegetables in the spaghetti sauce.

So, the doctor went into ways on how to introduce vegetables to his diet. Also, how we should all be eating the same thing for dinner. Not giving the kids different things from what we eat. Little by little, getting them used to eating the right thing.

It was very difficult to have this conversation. The kind doctor may as well had been my priest because I felt that I was confessing my parenting sins.

So, now from mediocre parenting, we are escalating to starving the poor kid.

Because, he. will. refuse. to. eat.

I guess I can try and blame the good doctor for the menu changes. (Which will be difficult enough since our menu is pretty small.)

Since the kids already hate going to the doctor's office.

Yeah. That'll work. Yeah! [insert sarcasm and fake hope]

Friday, December 14, 2007

In case anyone comes by . . .

I wanted to leave this. I really, really love this post.

[Also, cuz, it is alot easier to link this here so it will be easier for me to access when I need it again.]

Leap Fearlessly


Thursday, December 13, 2007

Do you feel it too?


If you look directly into his eyes, it's as if he's looking into your soul.

Maybe it's just me.

I want to kick myself sometimes . . . because even though he can be a terror, I still feel a little mesmerized by those eyes.


Spin Art


Kids Making Art


Highly Recommended


For Ages Four and Up


Wednesday, December 12, 2007

This truly is the season of giving.

I really try to see the beauty and the amazing in my daily life.

But. The truth is . . . I find the funny instead. Which can be really beautiful too, you know.

So, anyway. Tonight, I really gave it up good. I did the absolute amazing.

And, I'm not talking about the lovin' either. Although that would be amazing too.

Let me say, that as usual, my giving stemmed from guilt.

I sent my husband off to the doctor with my little girl who I had already diagnosed as having an ear infection. Poor girl.

I was stuck with the boy child crying out his father's name, "Eliot! Eliot! Eliot! Ellliiiooot!" [Literally. He was calling out his father's name.] He was wailing outside. As I smuggled him back into the house. And, for another fifteen minutes while in the house.

I was so sweet. I finally got my boy to warm back up to me.

So, as my boy settled to watch his video a couple of times, I did the amazing!

I prepared dinner. While cleaning the kitchen. Which entailed doing the dishes.

I couldn't believe it.

So, of course, when my husband came home with Faith, I did my "Vanna White" walk through the kitchen showing off my accomplishments.

He says, "Uh-oh. Do I need to take you to the doctor too?" [as he blinks in unbelief]

Yes, Baby, I know. I'm scared too.

Saturday, December 08, 2007

Yankee Stadium Tour


December 2, 2007

Snow Covered Yankee Stadium


He hopes now that I will have a better appreciation of baseball.


Um. I just don't know yet.

But, he's cute.

I'm going for abstract art at Yankee Stadium.


This is where the guys keeps their bats in the dugout.

Happy Birthday, Daddy.


Yes, it's true . . .


We went for a tour of Yankee Stadium in some really, really cold weather.

What can I say? I don't plan things really well.

A Little Silly At Yankee Stadium


Friday, December 07, 2007

This goofy, married couple that I know.


Sometimes Overwhelmed

I get overwhelmed very easily. If one kid asks for a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and the other is singing a song rather loudly, I feel overwhelmed. I might yell for quiet or yell for my husband to help me. Or both.

Lately, I have felt a bit hunted like prey. If the phone rings too much. And, God forbid the call is for me.

There are things that I want to concentrate on but those things get mostly scooted over to the side. Then, I guilt over it a bit . . . which also can overwhelm me.

After work, I finally got to the store to buy something that has been riding over my head a bit. When I complete that task, I will have accomplished a little something.

When I got home, I got out of going to a little party-get-together. I just didn't want to venture out again.

Then, the phone rings. My husband answers it. After speaking with my neighbor/sitter for a minute, he is trying to hand the phone to me. You've got to be kidding?

Anyway, the sweetheart that my neighbor/sitter can be invites me over to hang with her and her long-time friends.

I say "no thank you" in my head.

But, I actually say "Uh. Thank you. That is so sweet of you. Uh. OK. I'll come over after I help put the kids to bed."

Then, I temporarily hid under the covers.

I think my husband said something about how nice it was to have our neighbor/sitter check on us . . . like a mother-type.

I'm still hiding under the covers.

So, I go and spend an evening with Louise and her long-time friends. These ladies are twenty-five to thirty years older than me. They were all very sweet. I definitely got the feeling of "you-can-learn-alot-from-us-dearie".

These women were dealing with jobs, sick husbands, sick fathers, sick sisters, divorced children, grandchildren that they were separated from, and grandchildren that they were always happy to see when they get the chance.

You can believe that these women had been friends for years. They even raised their voices as if they were mad for a minute. But, then, it would all subside . . . as if nothing had happened. They spoke about things that had happened years and years ago. And, they laughed about their trip to Paris eight years ago. They had a history.

I know that I did a good thing saying yes to Louise. You can tell that she really loves having her friends over.

And, she makes these amazing rosettes. She prides herself in these rosettes. Every year, she makes them. I can't find any pics right now online. I will have to see if she has anymore.

Not only are her rosettes delicious . . . they are a work of art.

So, I end the evening thankful for friendships and the histories that friendships make.