Sunday, October 21, 2007

This picture represents . . .


What moves me. I love beautiful sunsets. I love the sun peeking through the clouds. I love how dark clouds mixed with the sun makes the most beautiful skies. I love trying to relate this to real life.

This sky was speaking to me yesterday as we drove home from Connecticut. Of course, there did not seem to be any moments available to stop and take pictures. This picture was taken as I was driving home, at possible high speeds, through the hills and curves of the Merrit Parkway.

The people in the car with me, my husband and kids did not know what was running through my mind. It is as if I am sneaking in the moments that move me. There is life. There is the "stop kicking my seat, please." There is the "please don't scream." There is the "stop touching each other if that is what is upsetting you." And, let me tell you, I was responding pretty amazingly to it all. Because I was trying to hear what the sky was telling me.

I loved how the horizon and the trees made a big arrow pointing to the earth.

As if pointing to me, "this is for you."

I'm purging through some of my old emails.


And, the reason why this picture is so great. After my friend, Jane, took the picture, she was so excited. She came to me, "Omigosh, look at this picture! I finally got one with Elijah smiling."

So, I would like to keep this picture for evidence.

Every once and awhile, I will show it off.

"See. He does smile."


Saturday, October 06, 2007

I think Faith is really liking school.


The funny thing is that I totally did this as a kid.