Sunday, September 30, 2007

House Full Of Bums

Let me preface by saying, that I'm not feeling well. And, I did sleep until some time after noon.

But, that is really beside the point . . .

After a little puttering around, fixing some coffee for myself, I sat down on the backsteps with a little something to eat while I bonded with my husband, as he raked the backyard.

My little Elijah starts asking for a sandwich.

ME: "But, you just ate."
E: "I want a sandwich."
ME: "Come on. I just sat down."
E: "Gimme a sandwich."
ME: "What do you say when you want something?"
E: "Sandwich."
ME: "Say, 'Please', Bum."
E: "Please, Bum."

My husband chuckles. Saying, "You really set yourself up for that one."

As I stomp back into the house . . .


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