Thursday, August 02, 2007

I may be off this week . . .


but I am still really impressed with how much I am getting done this week.

Now, granted, I have gotten my husband involved in a couple of errands that I just felt were too much to handle.

Too Much To Handle By Myself

1. Getting Elijah's haircut (family outing for this one)
2. Getting new tires for the car

What I Handled On My Own

1. Cut Faith's hair
2. Gave Faith and Elijah showers (I don't usually wash my son.)
3. Performed a urine test (for new job) while my kids watched
[*Good times . . . having to explain every step of the process.]
4. Held Elijah while he got a lead test (1-1/2 years overdue)
5. Performed 3 and 4 within minutes of each other
6. Went on a job interview
7. Got the new job
8. Only made two trips to McDonald's so far
9. Made numerous breakfasts and lunches
10. Two kid's birthday parties, two days in a row, at the same FunStation place
11. Supported my sitter/neighbor while her kitchen is being done by people that she met at Home Depot. (That's one way to get your home re-touched a bit.)

I'm also planning to travel up to New Hampshire tomorrow to visit my mom and sister.

I have yet to do dishes. Oh--but somehow they get done . . . thank God. :)

But, really. Haven't I done enough?

You may have noticed that dinners were not listed above . . . but, I think I cooked once early in the week. Can't remember.

Well, I better get going . . . we have to get to that second birthday party this afternoon.

Whew! Just looking at my list fills me with pride! heehee :)

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