Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Parenting In The Twilight Zone . . .

Elijah is screaming after Faith, "Giiivvvee meeee back my blanket!!!!"

Faith is running from him, giggling, because she has Elijah's blanket.

I step in. "What's going on?!?"

"She has my blanket!"

Faith runs off again with the blanket in question . . . giggling.

I say to her, "Where's his blanket?" . . . as she PRETENDS to throw it over the couch . . . she's still giggling.

He's still screaming.

I step in between them, discovering what's going on in this loony bin where I live . . .

"Give him back his blanket!"

Faith then gives back the PRETEND blanket back to Elijah.

Yup! I'm living in a damn asylum!

If only they would be PRETEND screaming . . .


Vani said...

yup, that is the worst. now even isabelle who can't even talk joins in the fighting. she can't talk, but she can be just as LOUD as the other 2!

Scarlet said...

lol It doesn't get any better when they get a little older. They use household items as weapons. I'll take fake blankets anyday!