Monday, June 11, 2007

Relatively Good News . . .

Was shared with me this evening.

After asking my husband if he has been putting Elijah on the toilet before his baths, my husband says "Oh, he sort of went on the toilet last night. Only he got it down his leg too."

I was all "he went on the toilet?!?!"

"You didn't tell me."

"Well, he just wasn't able to get it all into the toilet."

[BTW, huge dilemna . . . how the hell do you get the wee-wee (penis) to stay in the right direction?!?!]

After calling Elijah to me, I was hugging him. And, asking him about it.

Elijah confirmed it.

Of course, when I went to give him a bath, I also tried to get him on the toilet.

And, of course, this time he only sunk his butt into the toilet water.

[BTW, so gross!!!]

Which, of course, he has done for me every time that I have attempted to get him on the toilet.

Perhaps he was just confused a bit . . . since I am hardly ever the one to bathe him.


Of course.

That's it!


momyblogR said...

Please! If you think it's not getting in the bowl NOW while he's sitting down......Just wait until he starts standing, lol!!

Vani said...

oh i hope he figures it out soon, it's always such a huge moment. i have 2 down and 1 to go! can't wait.

Kristen said...

do they ever really get it into the bowl anyway? even as grown men? cause you would hardly know when you are cleaning.