Wednesday, June 06, 2007

My Newest Thangs . . .

Well, since I'm all over iTunes, I just absolutely love that I get access to all this great music that is new and original . . . at least, to me, it is new and original.

So, recently, since I'm all country and bluegrass these days, I've downloaded Chris Thile, Crooked Still, and Lori McKenna.

Regarding Crooked Still, I really love the name of this group. The words allow me to think it's ok to embrace my imperfections . . . to know it's ok to just suck at life sometimes. Whether I'm being the mom, the wife, or the friend. After all the trying, I'm "crooked still" and that's ok.

That's where I am musically.

Also, I'm reading again . . . catching up on a little bit of children's literature. Yesterday, I read "Charlie and The Chocolate Factory". Tomorrow, I plan to read "Matilda" while I'm home with the kids. All by Roald Dahl.

This new fascination with Roald Dahl might also have something to do with my increasing like of Johnny Depp. I'm finally getting it!! :)

Don't worry--I have my adult reading to catch up . . . I've set some goals for myself.

Before I can buy another book from Amazon, I have to get some reading done!

How else can I justify another purchase?!? :)

The other thing that I'm absolutely crazy for is this site.

Kelly Rae Roberts is my newest inspiration . . . if only . . . if only, I could express myself so beautifully.

So, I want to do art. I want to Make Art.

And, I want to play guitar.

And, while I'm imagining this all in my mind, I'm also in the process of changing jobs.

So, wish me luck on all my future endeavors. :)

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Vani said...

Good luck! You know my Dad bought me an acoustic guitar for my 16th b-day, because he played spanish guitar and i wanted to learn...well, it lasted about a month. i was too impatient and got upset that i didn't play as good as him. i still loved that guitar though- Gibson acoustic, what a beauty. Later my Dad ended up pawning it away - I was so upset! lol

have a good weekend!