Monday, May 07, 2007

In case you didn't know . . .


I love lilac. I wish that I had a lilac tree. The scent--just beautiful. This pic is from my neighbor's lilac tree.

Oh. Also. My mother-in-law was run over by a car on Friday.

[The car stopped after the first set of tires. Maybe just one tire, not sure.]

I still can't believe those words.

Thankfully, she is relatively okay. She is still in the hospital. No broken bones according to the doctor. She was going for her second MRI today to see what else is going on with her. The medication is helping with the pain. But, without the medication, she is hurting a bit. Since she is seventy-seven or so, I'm sure that they have to check for everything to get her on her feet again.

From a daughter-in-law's view, she seems fine to me.

When I went to visit her the other night, we had a fine enough time together. Thankfully, there were a couple of older ladies there from her former church. Buffer zone. I felt really relieved. You see, she's been living out of the country. So, this was the first time seeing her in some months--since she just got back in town. I felt good about going--doing my part. Oh. Also. I didn't want my name to be "Mud".

Poor thing, back in town to visit the family. And, this has happened to her. It makes you think about how precious life is. How God really looks out for us.

Oh. Also. Exactly how long will she be in town visiting?


Vani said...

Faith is growing to be a pretty little lady. :)

Sorry to hear about the MIL- how in the heck did that happen? I know some girls wished that their MIL's would get run

Hope she recovers sooon.

Kristen said...

all I'm gonna say is that you have no shame.

Although apparently I was able to shame you into going to see her.

Wouldn't want you to get cut out of the will.