Thursday, April 26, 2007

My Day . . .

There were ups and downs.

The downs would have consisted of a fairly constant headache all day. Also consisting of a few customers, who could also be labeled as pains in my ass. But, then, my headache could have also contributed to the painful part. Who knows? It's a definite toss-up.

The ups would have been surviving the day as I go into three days off . . . YES!

Also, very cool was meeting this great lady who is a recruiter with AAA.

One of their main NY offices is pretty close to where I work . . . this is not the first time that I have met someone who works for AAA or their magazine.

I love AAA and the magazine that I get from them every month.

I'm very excited to get my resume out to her.

This may be a great avenue for me to look for my next job.


$$Andsinceweareabouttocloseonanotherhomeimprovementproject$$, I need another job.

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