Sunday, April 29, 2007

First Big Kid Party For Faith


She, at first, did not want to go on any rides. However, after warming up [AKA I may have threatened to take her home.], she and the other kids just. wouldn't. stop.

After awhile, the parents and myself started to conspire on how to get them [ourselves] out of there.

Talk about strategy . . . "Ok--first, you and your kid should go. It looks like your kid's about to drop anyway . . . Oh yeah--someone catch her--she's about to go down."

"How about you fake a bathroom break to split up the crowd? Oh, you have to go anyway? So--it works out."

"Ok--then, we'll make our escape. Yeah--it was good talking to you too. Let's get together another time."

File Under: Strategy, Relationships being formed, Surviving Kid Party Hell

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