Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Bloggable Conversation 020

At the store, there was this young lady. She was shopping around for quite some minutes for massage oils for her and her boyfriend. I helped her, in between customers, with different fragrances. She had preferences that she thought her and her boyfriend would like. When she finally arrived at the register, I have to admit that her choices did not make sense to me but that is not the point to this post.

While I ring her up, I comment on her phone. I am very curious about it. It looks like an ipod. Very cool. Because it also slides open to a phone.

I mention how that I think that I'm ready for this kind of phone. Because, you know, I'm into iTunes and into my iPod Shuffle. And, I was thinking that this was the next step for me.

Well, she says this . . . "Oh, my mom is so confused by all of that."

I pass over this to say how since I have all of my music downloaded, it would be great to get with it my phone too.

But, I have to "back the truck up".

Or, maybe, I said, "Can we hold the phone for a second?"

"Were you implying that I was old enough to be your mother?"

She says, "Well, my mom had me when she was nineteen."

"And, how old are you? Cause, you know, my kids are pretty young . . . three and four."

She says, "I'm nineteen."

Being pretty baffled by this whole conversation, I have to grab the calculator. And, because I'm a little slow like that sometimes.


"Well, I guess I could of had you at seventeen."

The transaction and the conversation finally end.

I have my manager rolling with laughter.

In hysterics, I call Kristen in Virginia, from work.

And, I might add, Kristen was very good to point out that I wasn't even promiscious at that age. And, thank you for that, Kristen.

In fact, you can call me Late Bloomer. I was twenty-two! In fact. It was November of that year. Call it twenty-three! If you would.

Another thing . . . Why--oh why--was that girl buying massage oils? Nineteen? Go do your homework or something!

Well, I just came from CVS with the biggest box of hair coloring to cover all the grays before my kids start calling me "grandma".

Thanks for listening.

Now, I'm off to put on my Depends.


Kim said...

lol. I get called "ma'am" a lot these days.


Vani said...

LOL!! Dont worry Marel, what comes around goes the rate that girl is going, she'll be called Grandma sooner that you will be ;)

and ps. I found my first grays a few weeks ago that I was going to blog about but forgot- OMG talk about a reality check! :(