Sunday, April 15, 2007

The best thing about the internet . . .

Is that you can find a sour cream substitute here, with a few simple clicks of the keyboard.

This is especially helpful when the husband has just come in from the storm. Where he has just been to two grocery stores to fulfill his weekly shopping list.

Also, helpful, when for some dumb reason, I may have called him a "bastard" over something.

Then, in an effort, to think about dinner, I ask, "Do you think you could go out for sour cream?"

His answer, "Hell, no."

Actually, that would have been mine.

His was more like, "No, I'm not going back out in that rain again. Uh-huh."

Then, of course, audaciously, I say, "Come on--it's not even raining anymore."

So, thanks, Internet, let me see if this sour cream suggestion of yours will work for me.

Especially, since no one here is going out for sour cream.


Melody said...

It's raining here at the moment toooo...Could be worse...could be SNOW. The internet is definitely a very useful tool...and

Vani said...

lol- i had to go out for milk in this crazy weather- not fun! too bad there are no subtitutes for milk...or is there?? hmm, maybe i'll search around! :)