Friday, December 01, 2006

Trying to get a thought out so bear with me . . .

Talking with Kristen tonight, I was telling her how her sister, Jen, is my Oprah.

Jen blogs about how she is listening to Sarah McLachlan's new Christmas cd, Wintersong.

And, since I have $20 Amazon money, I purchase the cd quickly.

Now, I'm no writer, artist, or a hugely creative person.

But, I guess I am a bit of a people person.

I picture Jen listening to this cd doing some great piece of art that she shares with others.

Quickly, I dismiss myself because I will be listening to this cd while I count out the registers at work. Nothing too special or great, in my book.

But, this is what I will do . . . I share with all those within earshot of my voice about great this cd. How it is so worshipful. How it is about Jesus, the real reason for the season.

My voice will be heard.

Now, there are a few that want to listen to it for themselves.

Now, maybe, I've got others thinking of the real reason of the season.

That's my contribution . . . my thing . . . what I do.

File Under: Giving Myself Value


DetoxSmurf said...

You need to check out the jingle cats up on

momyblogR said...

If your voice is carrying that message, there is no greater gift! Don't cut yourself short.

jenlemen said...

marelle, you are too sweet. i should have called you when i was in new york. dave couldn't go to the weepies with me and i ended up going at the very last minute by myself! travesty! next time this will not happen. ;) lots of love to you and your babies.

Kristen said...

you rock!!!!