Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Lord, it's a miracle!

Somehow and for some reason, Elijah had gotten a hold of one of these Mr. Clean Magic Erasers. It was still in its packaging. It was a single pack.
I saw that he had been drawing on the packaging.
I said to him, "You can't have that. Give it to Mommy."
He was pretty cool with that, surprisingly. He even said, "Miisstteerr Cleeaaan."
I asked Daddy. "Did you tell him that this was Mr. Clean?"
Daddy says, "No. He read it."
I say, "He can't read."
So, Daddy picks up the baby powder and asks Elijah, "what does this say?"
Elijah says, "Powder."
I'm like, he knows it's powder.
This continues on . . . Daddy says that maybe he can read.
I say, "He can't read."
Whatever. I blame tv. I guess those Mr. Clean commercials could be the culprit. Who knows?
I'm just waiting for the miracle of him using the toilet at this point.


vani said...

testing...is the comments going to work now?

vani said...

yay! finally and now i forgot what was gonna say..lol

Kristen said...

now if you said he knew how to and was USING the Magic eraser, I would really be impressed.