Friday, October 13, 2006

Really. What's a little water damage?

This is what Kristen voice-mailed me in response to my voice mail. (Unfortunately, that is our only way to communicate these days. :))

I voice-mailed how my young son, Elijah, had had the time of his young, little life while almost flooding the upstairs. I guess the only reason the upstairs did not flood is because it was able to drip onto the first floor and then into the basement.

This is how it started.

Faith comes to me while I am a deep sleep state, "Elijah is playing with the water."

I attempt to yell to him from the downstairs.

She goes back upstairs to check on him.

Faith comes back to me, "There is alot of water."

I ask, "Is it bad?"

Faith replies, "It's bad."

Firstly, I can't tell you how tired that I am. I know. No excuse. But, I am so tired. Work is taking years off my life. I am in serious need of a podiatrist. My feet are in really bad shape. Whatever. No excuse.

I get up. I find water puddling on the first floor, dripping from the walls. This can't be good.

I've also now got my you-know-that-time-of-the-month thing happening. So, I'm going to head to the basement really quick to help with that. Now--there--it is practically raining.

Now, the child is dead meat. This is what I'm thinking. Bleeping little kid . . . as I grab every towel in the closet.

By now, Elijah is on the first floor. He has fled the scene of the crime.

I'm now armed with all the towels that we own. Unbelievable. He had plugged up the little bathroom sink so that there was easily a half inch of water in the little bathroom and into my bedroom. Water all of over the walls.

I know that he had the time of his life. Splashing. In fact, his diaper was so swelled with a mixture of water and pee that he looked like a little balloon butt.

There was this little part of me. Really little. That wasn't pissed. And, I thought how good of a time that he had had. Not really knowing the damage that he was causing.

Oh, to live life like that.

As long as I'm not the one who has to carry the water-logged towels back down to the basement after the cleaning up part, I guess.



Anne said...

That balloon butt thing is his natural defense. When we are really mad at kids, they do something unexpectedly funny or sweet to diffuse our tempers. Bless their messy little hearts. :)

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

i thought kristen had died,,havent seen her for months..i gotta go see her now

Kris said...

Ugh. That is so funny - not to you, I'm sure - but you're right. Oh to enjoy life carefree like that, with someone else to clean up our messes!!!

DetoxSmurf said...

I don't need kids... i have a roommate that has flooded the laundry room all by himself! (by over stuffing the washer)


Ruben said...

cleans ups are always a pain in the butt.

Kristen said...

for clarification purposes...

"Really. What's a little water damage? I mean, hardwood floors and carpeting can be replaced, right?

vani said...

LOL- sorry hate to laugh at your pain...but it's just nice to know i'm not alone. :)