Tuesday, October 03, 2006

"Can I get a laptop, Papi?"

This is what I texted my husband today. I was having a work situation where I had to drive home to work on something. And, a laptop would have eased up my life.

I added the "Papi" to sound all sweet to my husband. You know, like, I need his permission or something.

He texted me back, "Waz up?"

At this point, I'm home working on the work thing on our computer. I don't call him just yet. I'm a little confused by his text. What kind of answer was that? Just say something like, "sure, sweet thing."

Anyway, on my way back to work, I call him pleading my case why I should get a laptop. Blah, blah.

He says, "you know, when I got your message . . . "

[For some reason, I know exactly what he is going to say.]

Immediately, I say, "You nasty boy! What's wrong with you? I wasn't asking for a lap dance!?!"

So, his text was actually saying, "Waaaaazzzzz Uuupp?"

This proves it . . . men really do only have sex on their mind!


vani said...

LMAO!! omg...i think it's the "papi" that got him, it always gets mine. :)

Gangadhar said...

hahha..Enjoyed it..
how's u Marel?

momyblogR said...

How funny!! Maybe an lap DANCE will get you the lap TOP! LOL!!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

man i coulda told ya that:)

Manda said...

it's always hard to tell what exactly is being said in texts..... i guess sometimes that can make for a lot of humour. :-)

i know my man is ALWAYS thinking with a dirty mind..... hehehe....