Monday, September 04, 2006

Well, things are changing again . . .

Now, there will be more things that I can procrastinate on . . . be behind the gun on . . . only now, I'm adding more public exposure. You see, as it is, my slacker mom rep is only known to those that are lucky enough to hear it directly from me. I'm able to keep it all pretty secret most, or some of the time.

Preschool. It starts September 11th. Now, my mother skills will be in full view of other parents who may or may not have their crap together. So, yesterday, I was online shopping at Old Navy for new pants for the growing Faith. Today, I was at Sears shopping for sneakers. Oh, not a good idea, on Labor Day weekend--now, I know.

Looks like I'm going to really have to work on Faith's hair to make sure it's presentable every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday between 12:30pm to 3:00pm.

Oh, as I type that out, that's really not too much time out of our week. Maybe she can just wear cute hats. Winter's coming, right?

Anyway, on those days, I will get lunch to both kids by twelve. Which, by the way, I never do. So, that is a big change for me. I actually like handing off that job to the sitter.

So, we'll do lunch. Drop off Elijah. Make sure Faith gets to school on time. Worry about how she will get picked up on the days that I won't be able to do it. I will really try to be there when she goes in and come out--I'm actually looking forward to seeing her attend school and enjoy being there. I'll just have to fanagle [ <-- that's my own word, I think] work on those days, I guess.

So, overall, it just means that I won't be able to sleep in on the days that I have to go in to work late. I know--not a big deal. But, it's my sleep. I love my sleep. I will be 35 this year. And, I still love my sleep. Will I every outgrow this? Not sure. Not sure if I want to . . . I just love that sleepy pasttime too much.

Well, I guess that's about it. I hope all is well for those out there that come by. Take care. Talk to you soon.

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