Monday, September 04, 2006

Six years ago this month . . .

In desperation to find her man, a girl sent this little artsy postcard [from IKEA].

After her heart was broken a few times by a couple of jerks, this girl found herself very vunerable to say and do anything to get back in touch with her college sweetheart. She realized that this person never did a thing to hurt her. So, how could she let him go? And, more importantly, how does she get him back?

If memory serves correct, this postcard was sent middle September.

By Thanksgiving, they were making a go of it.

This October is five years married.



Bossy♥'s YOU said...

well happy annivsary..

u stalker you:)

Kristen said...

dude, you guys were making a "go" of it by Thanksgiving, huh? Buh, dum, dum. What the world doesn't know is that you moved 1200 miles only a month later to be near him.

Cathy said...

awesome story!
Wonderful :)

Gangadhar said...

so sweet,Marel..
happy anniversary..