Saturday, August 26, 2006

Thank you, Carvel!

Mama Faith and her baby

My boy who wouldn't give up a smile tonight.

Faith with her cousin, Jessica, and titi, Frannie.

So grown up . . .

Today, Faith is four.

We are cleaning up and preparing to have a few people here tonight for cake and coffee.

A blog-worthy conversation just took place . . .

Mommy: Can you make me a rum with soda? You people are really pissing me off.

Daddy: Now, wait a minute. I really need you right now.

Faith: I'll get it.

Daddy: You know how?

Faith: Yeah. [as she runs to the kitchen]

Daddy: Well, then, make it a double.

Happy Birthday, Faith. You are growing up so fast.

Hopefully, pics will be showing up here in the next few days. Take care. :)