Tuesday, July 18, 2006

No. I didn't make it there.

I should just drive there and listen from the front door, right?

Or, maayyybbbeeee, I should just download their greatest hits, gets some drinks, and dance the night away with my kids [until their bedtime, of course!]. As I listen to Have A Nice Day, I just may do that instead!

As for the day, I'm off today. My husband's shoulder was giving him trouble yesterday. So, he was home by 11:15 am on Monday. So, we are just ending our two day "weekend" as Tuesday comes to an end. I worked both Saturday and Sunday. It's been nice for us.

Earlier today, I asked him if he wanted to go to the library with us today.

He replies, "Not really."

I'm like, "So, you don't think that Dads go to the library. Do you want to know how many dads and grandads that I've seen there? You're going."

Well, he lucked out because crazy son, Elijah, had fallen asleep in the car. I thought that it would be better if Faith and I checked out some puzzles and books really quick while Elijah took a nap. Why is that? Because we were also going to get the kid's hair cut. The kid needed to rest up for that trauma/drama.

So, after the library and McDonalds, we went through the sweat, tears, and agony of getting Elijah's haircut. Literally . . . sweat and tears . . . it's just really hard work for all of us. My husband is sure that he will never try doing this alone. He also now understands and approves why I give the barber a $20 dollar bill. And, why I say "keep the change." I figure if the guy gets a good tip after all his hard work, they will continue to let us walk through their doors.

Now, we are all in our bathing suits. We have spent the rest of the hot afternoon in sprinklers and our little wading pool. And, we even have the audacity to say "let's sit by the pool." People, it's not a real pool but a little PVC that already has a hole in it. But, it feels luxurious in this heat!

What do you think? This is our pool minus these kids and the fabulous backyard. :)

Have a great week!


vani said...

Does he act the same when u cut it? or have you tried cutting it? i cut all my kids hair, except for recently with K, she wants to copy me and go to the salon. too much $ tho!

and that pool looks cool, but maybe a little on the unsturdy side. or maybe its just the pic?

Cathy said...

My neighbours have the same pool! :)

Sorry it's such an ordeal with your son's haircut...can you bribe him! (I'm sure you already do!)

Have a great weekend.

momyblogR said...

Please, I'd get in it and even invite friends. LOL! Cool is cool when you're walking in HELL! LOL!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

i want a pool like that.

sucks u couldnt go baby..sorry..

just cut it..my son was the same way...your the mom, dont let him talk you outta of..stand your motherly ground:)

lots of love

Gangadhar said...

Hiee Marel,
How's you? That's a nice pic here....
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pl make a note of it...

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take care

Drywall Mom said...

I Love how it has the tent over it. Does it come with a mosquito net? They are awful around here

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

just stopping by to check on you...how ya doin ?

Kim said...

that's a cute pool! Do your kids like it?

marrie said...

Throw in a trip to Wal-Mart photo studio and you'd have hair cut day in our house!

vani said...

Hi Marel! :)

chicaleecious said...

Ah, the ever traumatic haircut! I understand and feel for him, I was once one of those kids! Trust me, it IS agonizing, but you already knew that - lol.

Great pool - I'm sure the kids love it :). I LOVE books and often find libraries peaceful.

It's great to finally be able to catch up on some reading!

I hope your summer's been well.

Brian said...

Better than standing in a cold shower