Tuesday, July 18, 2006

No. I didn't make it there.

I should just drive there and listen from the front door, right?

Or, maayyybbbeeee, I should just download their greatest hits, gets some drinks, and dance the night away with my kids [until their bedtime, of course!]. As I listen to Have A Nice Day, I just may do that instead!

As for the day, I'm off today. My husband's shoulder was giving him trouble yesterday. So, he was home by 11:15 am on Monday. So, we are just ending our two day "weekend" as Tuesday comes to an end. I worked both Saturday and Sunday. It's been nice for us.

Earlier today, I asked him if he wanted to go to the library with us today.

He replies, "Not really."

I'm like, "So, you don't think that Dads go to the library. Do you want to know how many dads and grandads that I've seen there? You're going."

Well, he lucked out because crazy son, Elijah, had fallen asleep in the car. I thought that it would be better if Faith and I checked out some puzzles and books really quick while Elijah took a nap. Why is that? Because we were also going to get the kid's hair cut. The kid needed to rest up for that trauma/drama.

So, after the library and McDonalds, we went through the sweat, tears, and agony of getting Elijah's haircut. Literally . . . sweat and tears . . . it's just really hard work for all of us. My husband is sure that he will never try doing this alone. He also now understands and approves why I give the barber a $20 dollar bill. And, why I say "keep the change." I figure if the guy gets a good tip after all his hard work, they will continue to let us walk through their doors.

Now, we are all in our bathing suits. We have spent the rest of the hot afternoon in sprinklers and our little wading pool. And, we even have the audacity to say "let's sit by the pool." People, it's not a real pool but a little PVC that already has a hole in it. But, it feels luxurious in this heat!

What do you think? This is our pool minus these kids and the fabulous backyard. :)

Have a great week!

Friday, July 14, 2006

Say A Prayer For Me . . .

Must. Win. Tickets. For Bon Jovi July 18th. Must. Go!


Seriously. I have to get there! Say a prayer, ok?

Recent Music Downloads

Trying To Catch Me Riding Dirty by Chamillionare


Ain't No Other Man by Christina Aguilera

Regarding the first song, I had the girls at work, literally, falling down with laughter. I was telling them that the song had meaning for me. You see, there is this woman, who recently put in her two weeks notice, at work. She always had some crap to say about me but never to my face. I always had to hear about it from others. Since my position is over her, I was trying to be the better person and try to be positive. Whatever. She has been so two-faced. With me, she was fine. But, she was complaining to everyone else. I don't trust people like that. Let me know that you have a problem and we can work things out. So, I felt like she was trying to "catch me riding dirty." You know what I mean . . . don't knit-pick over the stupidest of things, trying to find things wrong with someone. Most of all, don't try and make me look bad in front of the people that we work with . . . that just can't be. Well, fortunately-unfortunately, she actually got into trouble recently, had to be written up, and is quitting. Of course, now her bad attitude is gone. So, things are ok.

In the end, I'm loving the song. And, in all seriousness, I do acknowledge the problem that the song is actually trying to point out. <--I hate ending a sentence with a preposition. But, since my grammar has been shot to hell these days--oh well. :)

As for the second song by Christina Aguilera, . . . Well, there Ain't No Other Man like mine. So, I better get to him. :)

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Updates :)

You know that I have a good kid when she just crawls into bed when she is ready to sleep. She doesn't ask for a storybook to be read. She has just covered herself with a blanket and is drifting off to sleep. Granted. She has taken to sleeping in my bed. But, since I only sleep there about once a week, I guess it's ok.

Yes. The sleeping arrangements in this house are all fucked up. My husband sleeps in the bed with my little girl. My boy goes back and forth from the crib to Faith's big girl bed. She now refuses to sleep in the same room with her brother. She's three!!

So, big confession . . . I mostly sleep on the couch downstairs. Why? I love late night tv . . . porn . . . hahaha Just kidding!! We recently got IO digital cable . . . OMIGOSH! It's like having the internet all over again. Remember those days when you couldn't get enough of the internet . . . now, it's like an old marriage . . . do I have to go online? So, anyway, we get to watch great movies and if we wait, we can watch the same damn movie again in about six hours. It's greeeaaaat!! [Insert Joey's Irish accent . . . does anyone else remember that one?]

It's the funniest thing . . . this new digital cable is expanding my husband's horizon. The other night, after coming home from work, my husband is watching a French movie with subtitles!?!? He's like, there's nothing else on. I've watched all the movies.

Then, he's showing me the forty music stations that we have. And, do you know what he's listening to after the kids go to bed? He's got it up loud so he can hear it in the shower. Bluegrass. He's now into Bluegrass. My Uncle Stuart would be so proud.

I really had no idea that this old dog could be taught new tricks. Just amazing! :)

So, the other night, in an effort to sleep with my husband in the same bed . . . I had to roll my firstborn off my pillow. I'm pretty much ruthless. :) I took her blanket. And, threw my husband's blanket onto her. I don't know how we got so far off course around here. I started working full-time and Daddy and the kids changed the whole sleeping arrangement. I knew shit was going to get disorganized, piled up, and sloppy. But, I had no idea that I was going to have to start considering moving our whole bedroom to the downstairs. Letting the kids have their own thing going upstairs. I guess things were bound to change around here.

As for the boy, he's been breaking into hives this week. He's on a steroid to help it all calm down. I think that he might be allergic to something. Maybe peanut butter. Other than that, he's a pretty big pain in the ass. But, he's still cute as hell.

So, just now, he came in with the bed skirt to his crib. He pulled it out of a drawer. I help him into Faith's big girl bed. It looks like he's ready for bed. I let him use the bed skirt as a blanket. It's just so cute that he pulls it out as if it's a blanket. So, I guess he's ready for bed too.

I feel like I'm lucky--they are two and three but they are like little capable people. They are talking more and more. We have conversations. We have debates. :) Man, what a fight to be their parents. I know I sound like I'm complaining. But, I'm not. We are having good days. They are pains. They are joys. At times, I want to kill myself. At times, I don't. But, I was so glad to get home reasonably early this evening. I think that they feel like time is more precious also. Because they know that we are not always able to be together.

Well, if you made it to the end, you are amazing. I'm pretty much babbling now. Work is tough. I don't know if I am a good, consistent manager. Everyday, I want to quit. Customers drive. me. crazy. :) Retail is stupid! Yay for online shopping! :) I kid. Not really. Retail sucks. But, the responsibility and the workload is challenging so I wade through it. Laughing where I can.

I am going to charge up my camera. I would like to take some pics. I got the kids a pool . . . see, I love online shopping! :) Ever since Florida, Faith is all about the Florida house and the pool there. So, Florida we create here in New York. :)

I hope that all is well. Take care. Miss blogging. Hope to get back to some blog surfing. Talk to you later.