Sunday, June 18, 2006

It may look like a birthday party invitation . . .

[Imagine picture of birthday invite. Blogger not letting me post pic.] :)

However, it wasn't a birthday party . . . it was more like a day trip. FYI If the birthday party is in Staten Island and you live in Long Island, pack a bag, snacks, liquor, and a porta-potty because DAMN IT! You are going to need it all. As usual, "What was I thinking?" came to mind a few times. It was a family first birthday party with some great people there. However, since it was not my family but my husband's, it is just wrong that I attempted this thing without him. In fact, I called him on the way home, at around 8:45pm, still in Staten Island, wishing him a Happy Father's Day. Because that was his gift. Who cares it was just Saturday! It was a Saturday night and he had the house to himself--laying on the bed, I believe is where he said he was. Yep! Happy Father's Day! Because come Sunday, these kids are all yours, Daddy! [Muuaaaahhhh!]

As I'm pulling into the parking lot of this picnic area of this huge park, I see this open spot close to where I want to be, especially since I have two little kids with me, it is a convenient spot. You see, there are several big groups having picnics today. Well, I get to the spot and there is a little women standing in the middle of the parking space. She waves me away because she is holding the spot. I move forward towards her in a moment of "give me a break--you're saving the spot? I don't think so!" She starts to stomp away--then, I have a moment of compassion and ask her "are they coming or not?" Of course, I let her have the spot. But, let me ask you this, who the hell holds parking spots? Now, I say the cellular phone generation has gone too far.

When I finally parked and was walking my two little ones to the picnic area, I thought of that stupid game Rock, Paper, Scissors. Remember that game? In the game of Rock, Paper, Scissors, that lady should have totally lost that spot. My car to your body . . . yeah, give up the space already!

How much in this life do we have to bend in order to be civil and compassionate? Because some days, I think that I'm just going to break. in. half. I can only rely on God in heaven to fill in the gaps in my life where being considerate and "sucking it up" has drained me further of life. Am I exaggerating here or what? Can anyone else feel what I'm saying here? Because I would appreciate the tiniest ability to relate here, ok? :)

Overall, the day turned out fine. My Elijah boy had his moments throughout the day where people would ask "what's wrong with him?" Then, I would say that I had told him to wait because the hot dog is hot. And, of course, that sent him into a tailspin of tantrum. Love that kid!

Faith refused to pee all day. Just a waiting game is my life. The third time--in the stall, I think I said something like--"I'm never taking you anywhere ever again if you don't pee." Faith says, "OOOKKKKKAAAAY." You should have heard the waterfall of pee that the kid was holding in . . . I knew she had to go. She is just picky as to where she goes. God help me.

I know that I complain alot. I wish that I loved this stuff. But, they drive me crazy with their love, you know.

So, we are home today. It's Father's Day. I slept in till noon. Give me a break, I'm on my period! As I blog, Daddy is sleeping here on the bed. He should be tired. After grocery shopping and raking the backyard, you would be tired too! haha Seriously though, I picked through a few weeds. Man, that backyard is a mess! Well, I better go. The window a/c units are now in the windows. And, the sound of them drowns out the sounds of the children. So, good luck to me on that! The doors are closed and I can't hear a thing. Sounds beautiful, really. I presume things are still in good shape. So, I better check to make sure.

Have a great weekend!

And, thanks for listening!

Friday, June 09, 2006

How bad am I? I cropped out the other people in my life. But, sheesh! The man is cute! :)

He would be my Kool-Aid smiling man. You can actually hear that smile over the phone. He's something.

Loving my boy.

The pics are not translating over to Blogger all that great. But, maybe this one would be better for a greeting card.

I think that I could make a greeting card with this look. What do you think?

If I can recall correctly,

My husband and I had a similar conversation last summer. But, since I have deleted this blog once, my archives are non-existent. So, here's a refresher of that same conversation.

E: That's the rake that I used to mow that mess next to the garage.
ME: And, you know, that you didn't mow, right? It's called raking.
E: Whatever. You know what I mean.

Yes, I guess that I do. But, I'm very concerned that he gives people the impression that he mows grass. He does not. And, I don't understand the difficulty . . . it's a rake so you're raking . . . if it's a mower, which we don't even own, then you're mowing. Not. Understanding. The. Confusion.

Perhaps, I will just buy him a mower to let him live out his apparent wish.


Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Could it be that my Faith girl resembles her great grandmother? Right?

My husband had to agree.

How lucky was I that Grandma let me have this picture? Really. I didn't swipe it . . . she let me have it. :)

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Home Again . . . First Rose Pic 2006

My grandma doesn't look 90 to me. :)

I don't want to take a picture!!!

Florida skies . . . doesn't it look like a girl bending down for something? :)






I just wanted to show what my husband was doing to make Elijah laugh again and again. As the vacation did have its difficulties, this is Daddy trying one more time to make sure that his boy is having a good time. It made me crazy about my husband--just so sweet.

Faith and her silly faces . . . I also love Elijah in the background.

I'm having fun now!

Sweet Girl

This was nice for my Faith girl. We didn't do Disney World but the kids don't really know that. :) This Disney Princess store was enough to give a kid heart failure--she really loved this place.

This Lego family was a little disconcerting.

My husband is an amazing dad. That's all I can say.

This Lego dragon was pretty cool. I especially like the little bird hanging out in its mouth. :)

I drink McDonald's chocolate milk; therefore, I am temporarily happy.

These birds ruled the McDonalds at Downtown Disney. They were just waiting for you to drop a french fry.

Are you looking at me!?!

Now, that's more like it--scary, right?

Just too cute together.

Cute Cousins

Here is my most unsociable son, Elijah. I can't begin to tell you the terror that he was on our trip. However, he definitely had his sweet moments. But, it still drove us to spiking his drink with a little wee-bit of Nyquil on the plane home today. And, we've vowed to leaving him home for about five years.

Here is our best cousin, Emily.

We Are Superhereos!